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For Research

Resources for research:

  •  “What is Happening to Donor Support for Women’s Rights?” in Contestations / dialogues on womens’ empowerment: This e-journal is an initiative of the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment Research and Communications Programme – a collaborative initiative of BRAC University in Bangladesh, the Centre for Gender and Advocacy Studies at the University of Ghana, the Social Research Center at the American University in Cairo in Egypt, the Institute of Development Studies in the UK, the Nucleus for Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil and UNIFEM.
  • The “Framework for Research Ethics and Evaluation: Justification and Guideline” is an evaluation framework for projects on gender and conflict, disaster, post-conflict, and post-disaster. It provides Institutional Review Board guidelines for boards newly confronting evaluation of research ethics in these contexts.  There is an accompanying institutional guideline not available on the web for those interested in developing an ethical review board and process, email for more information.


Comparative Political Theory