For Undergraduates


Included here are documents and manuals which are helpful for writing political theory papers, tips for reading theory, templates for class notes, among other things.  Undergraduates should feel free to use these as helpful guidelines and resources.

  1. Vanderbilt Political Science Paper Guidelines, based on the APSR style guidelines —here
  2. Improving Your Writing at the MACRO level —here
  3. Improving Your Writing at the MICRO level —here
  4. Tips for Reading in Political Theory —here
  5. Tips for Writing a Paper in Political Theory —here
  6. Class Notes Template —here
  7. Blogging is one way to work independently and share work process with your professor, —here— for an example.


The following list is the current course rotation schedule:

  1. PSCI 103: Justice (offered twice annually by the political theory faculty)
  2. PSCI 205: Contemporary Political Theory (offered biannually)
  3. PSCI 207W: Liberalism and Its Critics (the W indicates a writing-seminar, offered biannually)
  4. PSCI 253: Ethics and Public Policy (offered annually)
  5. PSCI 264W: Global Feminisms (offered every 2 to 3 years)
  6. PSCI 271: Feminist Theory and Method (offered biannually)
  7. PSCI 301: Human Rights (offered every 2 to 3 years)
  8. PSCI 305: Gender in the History of Social and Political Thought (offered every 2-3 years)
  9. PSCI 308: Human Rights and Religion – a graduate seminar co-taught with Melissa Snarr, Vanderbilt Divinity School (offered Spring 2011)

Internship Opportunities

  1. At Idealist some activist organizations post their internship opportunities.
  2. Summer internship opportunity in Nashville, working for Metro Council.  The description is: “The Calvert Street Group has immediate openings for campaign managers/coordinators in its Nashville, Tennessee office.   Internships will be unpaid, and CSG supervisors will work with your learning institution and/or professor to assist in receiving academic credit.”
  3. Subscribe to the Resource-Net list-serv of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) to receive weekly information on jobs in the field of women’s rights in English

Student Work

The Ethics of Women in Combat by Eric Alderman

English as a Second Language in American Public Schools by Samantha Cubbage

Refugees by Judy Wang

Water Rights: an argument against damming the Brahmaputra River by Courtney Anne van Stolk

Water Photostory by Emily Schloss

Education Disparities in the United States by Colleen Cummings

Illegal Immigration as a Symptom of Global Poverty by Emily Hogan

Immigration in America by Elizabeth Knudson

Global Hunger Photo Story by Luis Munoz

Justice in the War on Terror by William Roberts

Undergraduate Initiatives

Vanderbilt Students: Take Action to Combat Climate Change


Comparative Political Theory